• The policies below are in effect as of April 15, 2015. Thank you to all of our valued clients for your understanding of our new policies.

    48 Hour Notice of Cancellation

    To our valued clients: please note that deposits are non­refundable. If you need to rebook your appointment we require 48 hours notice. If 48 hours is not given then you forfeit your deposit. Thank you for understanding ­ and being such awesome clients.

    Changes to Designs

    Please note that changes to appointments (i.e date, time, length of appointment) must be given 48 hours notice in order to make the change ­we need a chance to accommodate/ fill the created gap. Also if you are going to be changing what you are getting during your appointment we require notice to ensure we can accommodate any changes in the amount of time that was originally scheduled.

    Appointment Deposit

    Deposits are required on all bookings. If you are unable to physically bring the deposit into the shop we are able to accept e-transfers through online banking (information available upon request). Also deposits are non­refundable but we are able to move the deposit to another time if 48 hours notice is given. Failure to provide 48 hours notice may result in the loss of your deposit.

    Photo ID

    You may be asked to present photo ID as proof of age. You must be 18 years of age to be tattooed without parental consent. If you are underage we require a parent/legal guardian to accompany you to the shop and fill out the parental consent form at which time you will both be asked to present photo ID. Failure to present ID upon request may result it the forfeit of deposit and the cancellation of the appointment.

    After Hours Inquiries

    Just a friendly reminder that we close at 7pm on Saturday nights and open again Tuesday mornings at 10am. If you are trying to reach the shop during this time through Facebook please note that your message may not be seen until Tuesday morning. Also if you are sending a photo to a specific artist please send it to their shop gmail accounts or if you are making a general inquiry please direct it to one of our two shop managers gmail (please note that shop managers and artists are unable to book appointments after hours).

    Shop managers

    April: april@painandpleasuretattoos.com


    Lee: lee@painandpleasuretattoos.com

    Chet: april@painandpleasuretattoos.com

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